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9 Signs Your Home Needs Roof Repairs

Jun 28, 2022

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Are you concerned about your roof? Since you can’t see it as clearly as other parts of your home, sometimes it’s out of sight, out of mind. Often, you don’t learn you need roof repairs until it’s too late. So, what are some warning signs that can save you from an emergency visit from a roofing company? Keep reading to find out.

The First Sign of Leaks Should Have You Acting Fast

Small leaks may seem like no big deal, but the longer they persist, the bigger the issue. It’s the number one sign that you need repairs. Indicators include water stains, standing water, moisture in attics, and visible cracks.

Water damage from leaky roofs can be substantial, as it can lead to moisture in other areas. Moisture also provides a breeding ground for mold and mildew, which can be harmful to you and expensive to address.

Damaged and Missing Shingles

Are you beginning to see gaps in your roof where shingles are cracked or are no longer there? That could spell trouble. Hail, rain, and snow can all impact shingles and cause damage. If the shingles don’t completely fall off, they may have curled ends. That’s a red flag for your roof. Getting those replaced quickly could help you extend the life cycle of your roof.

Peeling Paint at Your Roofline

Moisture can build up near the roofline. As a result, paint can begin to peel and create discolorations. If you start to see these changes, it’s time to contact professionals to assess your roof and determine what repairs are needed.

Sagging Rafters

Roofs should always be straight, so a bending or sagging roof rafter is cause for alarm. As soon as you see such a condition, contact a roofing contractor immediately.

Granules in Your Gutter

Keeping your gutters clean is a necessary part of exterior maintenance. It can also provide insight into your roof’s condition. If you see sand-like granules in your gutters, it’s likely residue from shingles that wore off. It’s prevalent, as shingles deteriorate as they age. Rain picks up those granules and carries them to the gutter. If you find these, your shingles are no longer in good shape and require repair.

Roof Discoloration

If your shingles suddenly look darker, that could be an indication they are damp or damaged. Dark patches could also be mold. An evaluation of your shingles by a pro can tell you exactly what the issue is and what remediation is available.

Higher than Average Energy Bills

Another clue that your roof requires attention is an increased energy bill not otherwise explainable. Air and heat can escape from your home if there are issues with the roof’s seal. Thus, your HVAC system must work harder to keep the desired temperature. If you think it’s due to the roof, you’ll want to call a pro to inspect the roof’s integrity.

Unusual Wear and Tear of Openings

If your roof has a chimney, vents, pipes, or other objects that penetrate its underlay, then you’ll want to monitor how they look. Should you begin to see those areas looking different, it could be the result of challenges with the sealant and possible water damage.

Daylight in Your Attic

If you visit your attic space and see rays of light coming in, that’s not good. It gives water an easy way into your home. If these cracks are apparent, you’ll need roof repairs in the form of underlay and new shingles.

Do these signs sound familiar? If so, then don’t delay calling Universal Roofing Solutions today. The quicker you get us on site, the more quickly they can begin repairs.

9 Signs Your Home Needs Roof Repairs

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